The Killers Cancel Manchester

4 and a half songs, for £50 per ticket.

Absolutely gutted and furious that one of my favourite bands, with the exception of The Libertines, my favourite band from when I was teenager and they cancel the gig after four and half songs.

The set before interruption was (including which guitar Dave used);

  1. Mr Brightside (with the house lights still on, Dave using his Explorer)
  2. The Way It Was (Flying V, red)
  3. Smile Like You Mean It (Back to the Explorer
  4. Spaceman (Black semi acoustic)
  5. Brandon had lost his voice by now, but he attempted  Bling (Confessions Of A King) but stopped before the ‘higher and higher’ bit.

Thought I’d have more to say than this. Time for some Parks and Rec.