Pitbull World Cup Opening Ceremony Performance

Pitbull - World Cup

Pitbull’s World Cup performance at the opening ceremony was broadcast to millions of football fans across the globe. I can’t think of a better example to open this blog that catalogues the evils of the world of football than this.

Performing at the opening ceremony unfortunately isn’t the only time Pitbull, or possibly a ball bearing that wears sunglasses, has been involved in 2014. He’s also released the official song, the challengingly titled We Are One (Ole Ole Ole)‘. Extracts from the lyrics, or what passes for lyrics in a post Pitbull world below:

Brazil, everybody put your flags
in the sky and do what you feel

Some more:

It’s your world, my world, our world today
And we invite the whole world, whole world to play

And I’ve almost covered the entire song now:

Hey, hey, hey, força força come and sing with me
Hey, hey, hey, allez allez come shout it out with me
Hey, hey, hey, come on now
Hey, hey, hey, come on now
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Football is evil. Evil rating 6/10.