Design By Google – Finding something that isn’t shit

As a web designer, I mainly spend my time looking for other people’s well implemented design ideas and then re-purposing them for my own sites.

The process for this is generally quite simple, first I hit up A List Apart and see what they’re saying about a certain topic (Search forms, knowledge hubs, widgets, etc). Even if the article there is a few years old, the quality of the writing and the theory behind the implementation is still strong.┬áThen it’s on to Smashing Magazine, which usually has something either a bit more technical, or a nice listicle for ideas to steal.

If by this point, much like Bono, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, it’s straight onto Google, where the searches become increasingly desperate, where X = Whatever needs ‘designing’, eg Search forms

  • Well designed X’s
  • Good X’s
  • Nice X’s
  • X’s that aren’t shit.