A Few Thoughts On Lego Marvel Superheroes

So Lego Marvel Superheroes looks pretty great! And I’m self hosted now, welcome to JackMach.in!

First of all, it’s good to see there’s a wide range of characters that a playable. That’s to be expected with TT Lego games, but sometimes the characters you unlocked would all basically be the same grunts with a slightly different outfit. The Marvel heroes/villains look to be pretty well represented and will hopefully have enough unique abilities to keep the game interesting.

On this note, you can’t help but feel that a lot of mechanics are going to be the same thing we’ve seen before, but this time Marvel! Hulk will obviously have the super strength that a lot of the villians in Lego Batman had and you wouldn’t be at all surprised if Loki has the power to temporarily take over a NPC to open a door.

The prominence of Spiderman/Iron Man/Magneto makes me curious about flying characters. Will they replace the (usually tedious) vehicle levels in the game? Or will they be able to swing/ fly/hover round the same environments ground based minifigs are running around? Because that would be awesome.

Disappointingly it looks like there aren’t that many women in the game. I spotted Black Widow, and that was just a token shot. I know they want to attract as much of the MCU/X-MEN audience in as possible so only really want to show more recognisable characters, but that doesn’t mean excluding the women. Where was Rogue, she’s surely worth building a new gameplay mechanic around where she can temporarily take another characters power? How come we saw all of the Fantastic Four except Sue Richards?

And the talking! The charm of the early Lego games came from the gestures, facial expressions and grunts of the minifigs. They told the story perfectly fine without having to go all Hollywood, which was ironic because they were taking from blockbuster IPs. I’ll still play the game, obviously, but the fact the characters couldn’t speak, wasn’t a problem that needed to be fixed.

3 minutes of lunch left, one last thing. Lego Deadpool, never not awesome.

*EDIT – I watched the video again and counted six female characters (Black Widow, Storm, Sue Richards, Jane Grey, Mystique and an unfortunate woman getting slashed by Deadpool for a split second at 1.21. Anyone got an idea who she is?

But none of them get to speak, I think only Storm and Black Widow are allowed to get involved with any action. Sort it out TT and Lego.