Model Sister EP

After years in the making, us over at Model Sister have finally got our act together and released our first EP. There’s nothing we hate more than musicians talking about their own music, so here’s me what I think of my own music.

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1. Mantra – I didn’t have a massive amount of input into the creative process of this beast, I’m fairly sure it was written when I was out of the room. One of the most fun songs to play live, the sheer relentlessness of the riff just chugs on for close to 5 minutes.

2. The Quiet Parts – This is one of mine, and one of things I’m most proud of. The lyrics took me quite awhile to get right, and now I have an excuse to neck a pint on stage at every gig (because I’m a real man). I’m not sure what I was aiming for with the lyrics, the ‘roll the dice’ section came from when I was lucky enough to be in Nashville and there were a lot of bland country songs talking about this ideal town and all had the phrase ‘Ice Cold Beer’ in them. I think I was trying to turn that cliché on it’s head, but actually ended up just using the cliché.

3. My Mother Loves Me – Another b-side in the same vein as Ethical Boss, I definitely played the bass on this one, but have absolutely no recollection of what I played, which is probably why we haven’t played it live yet. This felt quite vain and self indulgent, I’m going to look at myself in the mirror.