Surrender To Fun. You Bastards


While procrastinating doing work today I wrote a song, well technically I wrote the lyrics when I couldn’t sleep last night but the chords (all three of them) I wrote today. And then I stole the melody (kindof) from a Beach Boys song. Although it might not have been the Beach Boys originally. And I don’t really like the Beach Boys. Anyway this blog post is yet more procrastination, obviously.

It’s called Surrender To Fun, which the observant (and the ones who watch a lot of crap telly) will know comes from a ‘joke’ in The Big Bang Theory, a program I don’t really like, but seem to watch a lot of. Anyway it’s quite colourful and has these big broad jokes and comedic situations. Which sometimes is all you need from a sitcom, just to not think and laugh.

Which is pretty much the subject matter of the song, the clash between what people should be watching and what they are watching. So there’s only a three chords and simple (ripped off) melody for a reason. Not because of my playing/singing ability.

If it ever gets played with the band, we’ll probably JAMC it up so it sounds edgy and cool, but because I was just recording it quickly so I could tidy up the microphones etc before my girlfriend gets home it’s just acoustic and vocals at the moment.

If you read all of this, you’re either my Mum, Moggo, or an idiot.



That poncy acoustic version has gone now, here’s a ‘full band’ (all me) version that I recorded this morning.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The Killers Cancel Manchester

4 and a half songs, for £50 per ticket.

Absolutely gutted and furious that one of my favourite bands, with the exception of The Libertines, my favourite band from when I was teenager and they cancel the gig after four and half songs.

The set before interruption was (including which guitar Dave used);

  1. Mr Brightside (with the house lights still on, Dave using his Explorer)
  2. The Way It Was (Flying V, red)
  3. Smile Like You Mean It (Back to the Explorer
  4. Spaceman (Black semi acoustic)
  5. Brandon had lost his voice by now, but he attempted  Bling (Confessions Of A King) but stopped before the ‘higher and higher’ bit.

Thought I’d have more to say than this. Time for some Parks and Rec.

Nerdy Things Noticed This Day’s Community Rewatch

Excuse the poor half alliteration in the title.

Today I’m rewatching Season 2 from the start. I was going to tweet my nerdy thoughts but it was too lame. So I’ve blogged them instead.

1. Abed telling Shirley he likes her hair the first time he sees her. Because Yvette Nicole Brown (who plays Shirley used her own hair this season, unlike 1 and 3 where she wore a wig). Liking someone’s hair is very un-Abed, whereas noticing change, especially in a meta, 5000 rewatch and all the DVD extras way is very, very Abed.

2. Annie telling Troy where the cleanest bathroom is. A lovely throwaway line tucked in between the love triangle of Jeff, Annie and Britta. We forget all about the Troy and Annie angle, and so has Annie, so much so she can happily tell Troy where the cleanest place for him to (presumably) have sex with the blonde he’s giving a piggy back to.

I’ll be back with more thoughts when I have them.

3. Starburns and Pierce sit next to each other in the first class. Because they’re friends, they swap pills in the first Halloween episode, they team up in Modern Warfare. Not really noteworthy, except that Chevy has gone walkabout in the second classroom scene where Jeff tells Britta he loves her. I think it was the Dan Harmon AV Club interviews where he said that Chevy would always just leave early if he didn’t have any lines/a big enough part in a scene. Clearly one of those times.

Another quick break to watch a bit more.

4. Back to the first point, Abed wants to spinoff with Shirley and open a hair salon. Damn those Community writers are smart.

5. For all it’s clever writing, my favourite line in Community will probably always be Chang’s “Huh, GAY!” Enjoy [youtube]

Leroy Bach Please Gig With Model Sister

Hello there Leroy,

On the off chance that you’ve googled your own name, and wanted to check up on what your sister, the model has got up to and accidentally found this, I’d like to say hello. I am Jack frontman and resident idiot of the band Model Sister. I’m a huge fan of your work with Wilco, and it would be an honour and privilege to gig with you at some point.

I know you primarily only play ‘gatherings’ in Chicago, but if you ever find yourself in Manchester (UK) and feeling creative get in touch with Model Sister, we’d love to gig with you. 

Anyway if you’re not Leroy Bach and you don’t know who he is, top stuff for reading all of this nonsense. If you’re not Leroy Bach but you know who he is and can get in touch, please let him know that Manchester band Model Sister want to get in touch and play a gig.


5 Great Things About The Low Anthem’s Cover Of Wilco’s ‘A Shot In The Arm’

Whilst browsing tumblr (sorry WordPress, but I do love you more) I found this cover of ‘A Shot In The Arm’ by The Low Anthem.

Here is the video if you don’t want the hassle of opening a new tab. And I can’t believe my first post in the Wilco category (who will be covered extensively if I ever write anything) isn’t actually about the band.


Regardless following on from the Community post, here’s 5 things that are great about this video.

1. Girl playing the clarinet – she looks really worried, and quite sexy. She’s not sexy because she’s worried, that would be weird. And it’s awesome because you get used to hearing Wilco all guitar’d up. It’s trippy and refreshing hearing a woodwind instrument (I think, GCSE Music coming in/failing here) taking the lead.

2. The bassists beard – Seriously look at that beard. It’s top stuff. (Damn short answers already, I really thought I had more opinions on this video, the next three entries will be fun.)

3. There’s a guy playing the saw – Always a classic, it’s a saw being used musically, although  it’s not entirely clear what the saw is actually doing. It’s always nice when a band has a Bez though. (Sorry saw musicians, I’m sure you’re very talented and learning to play the saw is difficult.)

4. The drummers rage at 3.46 – I’ve got a lot of time for drummers (despite them all being smashy idiots, obviously) but the drummer in this is clearly trying so hard to hold back the smashing and is just managing to keep a lid on it. UNTIL 3.46 and there’s that cymbal with a stupid dishcloth on it, and it’s just there and SMASH. What makes it even better is the complete lack of SMASH that comes with it.

5.  The drummer is copying Glenn Koetch’s drum fills – Except he isn’t because this song is from ‘Summerteeth’ and Glenn didn’t join the band until Yankee Hotel Foxtro. But that could mean the drummer spends his time watching Wilco live videos on YouTube, which makes him okay in my book.

Right I’m off to watch Hebburn and download The Low Anthem’s discography.