Leaving the Laptop Behind

Since getting back from Madrid (the tournament report may be published at some point), I’ve left my work laptop in the office. It’s a small change in mindset that’s having quite a big effect.

I didn’t do work on it every night, in fact I rarely did. But having two laptops at home often meant that I’d use two laptops at home. And if that meant making a few small changes to SASS stylesheet on one, while checking Twitter and (legally) streaming football so be it.

But, without the work laptop at home, I’m actually using my personal laptop less as well. This may be well timed with the arrival of Jeff:


Because really, who’s going to work when this guy is attacking your appendages.

But, I’m leaving my laptop at work and feeling great about it.

IMB Selectric Typeball

In 2009, all I ever wanted was a typewriter.

In 2015 all I want is an IBM Selectric Typeball.



I’d sit it on my desk, and people would say,

“Jack what do you do with that?”

And I’d say, “literally nothing.”

Made a creepy 8-bit Pikachu

8-bit Pikachu

As the title suggests, I made a creepy 8-bit Pikachu on make8bitart.

That website is well good. And I’m looking forward to that lovely SEO juice from “Creepy 8-bit Pikachu”.

Design By Google – Finding something that isn’t shit

As a web designer, I mainly spend my time looking for other people’s well implemented design ideas and then re-purposing them for my own sites.

The process for this is generally quite simple, first I hit up A List Apart and see what they’re saying about a certain topic (Search forms, knowledge hubs, widgets, etc). Even if the article there is a few years old, the quality of the writing and the theory behind the implementation is still strong. Then it’s on to Smashing Magazine, which usually has something either a bit more technical, or a nice listicle for ideas to steal.

If by this point, much like Bono, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, it’s straight onto Google, where the searches become increasingly desperate, where X = Whatever needs ‘designing’, eg Search forms

  • Well designed X’s
  • Good X’s
  • Nice X’s
  • X’s that aren’t shit.