Surrender To Fun. You Bastards


While procrastinating doing work today I wrote a song, well technically I wrote the lyrics when I couldn’t sleep last night but the chords (all three of them) I wrote today. And then I stole the melody (kindof) from a Beach Boys song. Although it might not have been the Beach Boys originally. And I don’t really like the Beach Boys. Anyway this blog post is yet more procrastination, obviously.

It’s called Surrender To Fun, which the observant (and the ones who watch a lot of crap telly) will know comes from a ‘joke’ in The Big Bang Theory, a program I don’t really like, but seem to watch a lot of. Anyway it’s quite colourful and has these big broad jokes and comedic situations. Which sometimes is all you need from a sitcom, just to not think and laugh.

Which is pretty much the subject matter of the song, the clash between what people should be watching and what they are watching. So there’s only a three chords and simple (ripped off) melody for a reason. Not because of my playing/singing ability.

If it ever gets played with the band, we’ll probably JAMC it up so it sounds edgy and cool, but because I was just recording it quickly so I could tidy up the microphones etc before my girlfriend gets home it’s just acoustic and vocals at the moment.

If you read all of this, you’re either my Mum, Moggo, or an idiot.



That poncy acoustic version has gone now, here’s a ‘full band’ (all me) version that I recorded this morning.

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