5 Great Things About Community’s October 19th Video

Community was supposed to return last night, but it didn’t because (as I’ve said, more than once) NBC suck balls. The cast and makers of the show (with one notable exception) last night all tweeted a link to a YouTube video in which we got a glimpse of what Season 4 will be like. The video currently has 416, 686 views, I saw it when it had 314 because I’m a better fan than you are.

The video is here.

Here is 5 things that’s great about it.

  1. Chang’s darkest timeline beard – Community not premièring last night pretty much makes this the darkest timeline. But it’s also nice to see that Chang is still miles behind the rest of the group, desperately trying to fit in, but his madness and, well, Chang-ness stops him. He’s also the only one outside the study room, peering in. That’s probably too much Chang-alysis for now.
  2. “The minds behind this shift know exactly what they’re doing” – They don’t, and everyone knows this. But it gives the impression that Season 4 might toe the line a little more, even if it is in a backhanded way. Most of Season 3 was very aggressively backhanded. John Goodman’s evil administrator was a manipulative bully, the suits on the school board were ineffective “bros” who were more interested in going to dinner, Harmon’s message was clear, Sony and NBC suck. It’s easy to say that if you’re say 30 Rock, when NBC is being repped by Alec Baldwin, is practically the main character and has a large following. More difficult for Community, who already have a frayed relationship. Season 4 might just be a little less aggressive, and who knows NBC might suck less.
  3. Dean Pelton’s arrival – This is kind of the same point as above, the Dean is another failed administrator, but he’s lovable, well meaning and also just wants to be part of the gang. Notice he’s also outside the study room with Chang.
  4. Annie’s boobs getting his own show – This actually happened, Animal Practice, good job NBC. It was cancelled on October 18th
  5. Britta being wrong – Because she’s the worst. And because she was being sensible and reasonable.

And that was 5 things that were awesome about Community’s October 19th video.


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