5 Great Things About The Low Anthem’s Cover Of Wilco’s ‘A Shot In The Arm’

Whilst browsing tumblr (sorry WordPress, but I do love you more) I found this cover of ‘A Shot In The Arm’ by The Low Anthem.

Here is the video if you don’t want the hassle of opening a new tab. And I can’t believe my first post in the Wilco category (who will be covered extensively if I ever write anything) isn’t actually about the band.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGSHEgCR8nc]

Regardless following on from the Community post, here’s 5 things that are great about this video.

1. Girl playing the clarinet – she looks really worried, and quite sexy. She’s not sexy because she’s worried, that would be weird. And it’s awesome because you get used to hearing Wilco all guitar’d up. It’s trippy and refreshing hearing a woodwind instrument (I think, GCSE Music coming in/failing here) taking the lead.

2. The bassists beard – Seriously look at that beard. It’s top stuff. (Damn short answers already, I really thought I had more opinions on this video, the next three entries will be fun.)

3. There’s a guy playing the saw – Always a classic, it’s a saw being used musically, although  it’s not entirely clear what the saw is actually doing. It’s always nice when a band has a Bez though. (Sorry saw musicians, I’m sure you’re very talented and learning to play the saw is difficult.)

4. The drummers rage at 3.46 – I’ve got a lot of time for drummers (despite them all being smashy idiots, obviously) but the drummer in this is clearly trying so hard to hold back the smashing and is just managing to keep a lid on it. UNTIL 3.46 and there’s that cymbal with a stupid dishcloth on it, and it’s just there and SMASH. What makes it even better is the complete lack of SMASH that comes with it.

5.  The drummer is copying Glenn Koetch’s drum fills – Except he isn’t because this song is from ‘Summerteeth’ and Glenn didn’t join the band until Yankee Hotel Foxtro. But that could mean the drummer spends his time watching Wilco live videos on YouTube, which makes him okay in my book.

Right I’m off to watch Hebburn and download The Low Anthem’s discography.