Leroy Bach Please Gig With Model Sister

Hello there Leroy,

On the off chance that you’ve googled your own name, and wanted to check up on what your sister, the model has got up to and accidentally found this, I’d like to say hello. I am Jack frontman and resident idiot of the band Model Sister. I’m a huge fan of your work with Wilco, and it would be an honour and privilege to gig with you at some point.

I know you primarily only play ‘gatherings’ in Chicago, but if you ever find yourself in Manchester (UK) and feeling creative get in touch with Model Sister, we’d love to gig with you. 

Anyway if you’re not Leroy Bach and you don’t know who he is, top stuff for reading all of this nonsense. If you’re not Leroy Bach but you know who he is and can get in touch, please let him know that Manchester band Model Sister want to get in touch and play a gig.