A Titbit about Typography

Realised after pressing publish on yesterdays post about the redesign that I hadn’t really talked about the new typography on the website. So here’s a cheeky bonus post while I work on the Awesome Mix 1 article (which is going to be long).


The headings and the navigation menus are set in Montserrat, because it’s free on Google Fonts and looks a bit like Futura. I’d gotten a bit sick of the comic font that I used on the old site, in fact I never really liked it to begin with, but it was the best option at the time. Montserrat is a lot cleaner and more professional, but also has a playfulness about it. Especially when it’s bright pink.


I knew I wanted a really light font, and while there was nothing particularly wrong with Exo 2, I felt a change in body font really needed to happen to distinguish between the old theme and the new one. Realistically Exo 2 and Raleway aren’t too far apart from each other, but dropping the weight from 400 to 300 really crisps the body copy on the site. If anything the weight shift was far more important than the switch in typography.